Painting Your Garage Flooring

Renovating a garage is not a top priority for most people but considering how much the garage is used you may want to consider a new type of garage flooring. People use their garages to for parking, storage, workshops, and a play room. If you get a new garage floor, then you will protect your concrete floor against oil, grease, and other chemical spillage. A new layer of flooring will also help protect your floor from cracks and other types of physical damage. A very durable and easily cleaned option you can choose is garage flooring paint. If you want a really nice looking garage floor, then make sure you get epoxy paint and perform all the necessary preparation steps.

garage floor paint

The first step for any garage paint job is to remove everything from your floor. After you remove everything you have three important stages to complete. They are cleaning, set up, and painting. If you want your paint job to come out correctly then you must make sure that your floor is completely spotless. If there is any stains, discoloration, dirt, dust, or moisture on your floor, then the paint may not bond correctly with the concrete.

To properly clean your floor, give it a thorough sweeping and make sure you get out all the dirt and dust on the surface. After you are done sweeping, you should use a pressure washer to completely get rid of all residue that may be left on your floor. You should also make sure that your garage flooring is not sealed because if it is then the sealant must be removed. Muriatic acid is a great way to remove a sealant if you need to. You can purchase this acid in the same store where you purchased the paint, and you may even get a container of this acid in an epoxy paint kit. If you are using this acid, then make sure to use the correct eye ware and follow the instructions carefully because it can be dangerous.

The selection of paint is extremely important because not every type of paint bonds with concrete. Epoxy and Acrylic are the most common types that have been proven to work on a concrete floor. These brands may be costly and take a lot of preparation to install, but they will give your garage floor a whole new look and make it safer.

There are many factors that can cause a paint job to turn into a disaster. If you want to ensure that your floor will turn out the way you want, then it may be best to hire a professional. They may be more expensive but you can ensure that the job will be done correctly and they will save you hours of preparation and installation time. There are other garage flooring options you can do some research on such as interlocking tiles, mats, and rugs. All these options have their positives and negatives but in the end they will all yield the same result which is a better look and an increase in safety.

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